August 12, 2006



After a week on 20th of August will be the one of the greatest Hungarian National Holyday the St. Stephen's Day.
Holy Crown of Hungary, also known as the Crown of St. Stephen, was used to crown Hungarian kings from the 13th century onward.
The Crown was bound to the Lands of the Crown of St. Stephen.
No king of Hungary was regarded as having been truly legitimate without being crowned with it.
The crowning of Istvan, the first Christian king of Hungary who was later canonized St. Stephen, marks the beginning of Hungarian statehood.
The date is variously given as Christmas 1000 or 1st of January 1001. However, the currently venerated crown is not identical to the original one sent to St. Stephen of Hungary by Pope Sylvester II in the year 1000.In year 1038 King Stephen died without a direct heir after the tragic early death of his only son, St. Prince Imre.
On his deathbed the king offered his country into the graces of Blessed Virgin Maria declaring her Patrona Hungariae.

I think this is a very nice holyday for the Hungarian people all over the world....

Egy hét mulva, augusztus 20-án lesz a magyarság egyik legszebb nemzeti ünnepe, államalapitó Szent István királyunk napja. Ennek a napnak méltó jelképe a magyar Szent Korona, ami nemcsak szimbólum, hanem eszmei tartalommal is rendelkezik a magyar nép számára. A keresztény Magyarország méltó jelképe, mely mai cimerünkben is látható.


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