July 30, 2006



This summer is very hot in Hungary the temperature is sometimes more than 35 Celsius degrees.
That is almost unbearable hot for the European people.
We live in a crowded and noisy small town,
but the surrounding of city is in abundance
with nice hiking places.
In these hot days we are often walking on the shady ways
in the surroundings of town groves and woods
spending pleasant hours there.
Among other things
there are a few wonderful historical
places in those hills.
Standing on the top
of hills we can see
the far sceneries of
the neighbouring country Slovakia too.
There can be found several
cool clearwater springs
in those neary nice hills. And of course quiet, silence and birdsong....
After the relaxation day
on late afternoon often we can see
wonderful sunset over the surrounding hills of the town.
These pictures are made with my
camera phone on the hikings.

Ebben az évben Magyarországon nagyon forró, csaknem elviselhetetlen a nyári hömérséklet. Mi abban a szerencsés helyzetben vagyunk, hogy a városunk környéke bövelkedik árnyas, ligetes, hüvös erdökkel, hegyekkel. Ezekben a meleg napokban gyakran kerestünk menedéket a környékbeli erdei kirándulóhelyeken, ahol jéghideg forrásvizzel hüsithettük magunkat. Nagyon kikapcsoló és csodálatos élményeket adó kirándulásokat szoktunk tenni a környéken.


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